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Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on May 11, 2009

I went to the “The Model as Muse” exhibit at The Met on Saturday and  it has inspired me to write about my own favorite models. These women have been my favorites for a very long time. In no particular order…

Jessica Stam


If I can describe Stam in one word, it would be “ethereal.” She has an otherworldly quality to her that naturally draws people’s attentions to her…I think mostly out of intrigue. And she has an unforgettable face.

Daria Werbowy


What separates Daria from the rest is 1) she has boobs 2) she’s not pasty white and 3) she does not look sickly. She has a strengh and confidence to her that really does set her apart from the rest. My favorite Daria moments include her opening and closing for Versace Fall 2007 and her in the Chanel 2006 ad campaign.

Sasha  Pivovarova


Some say that she looks like Gemma Ward on crack but I think those people erroneously believe that a successful model needs to be pretty – not that Sasha isn’t pretty but her face is fierce more than anything else (sometimes she looks downright pissed off). Tyra Banks has forever ruined the word “fierce” for me which is a shame because there is no word better fitting for Sasha. I remember the first time I saw her and the two words that automatically came to mind (and continues to turn up) are “fierce” and “stunning.” She always leaves an impression.

Oy vey, I am so sleepy now and I know my body is going to be mad at me if I delay sleep any longer so I must cut this short. The others I wanted to include were Linda Evangalista, Du Juan, and Caronline Trentini.


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