The Lovely 20's

Tumultuous 20s

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on June 10, 2009

So a part of being a 20-something is constant self-improvement….but, in the process, you break a lot of promises to yourself – both big and small.

Case in point: I keep promising myself that I will update this blog but I have not delivered for – what has it been now – a month or so? Anyway, I am utterly imperfect so this blog, even the frequency I write in it, will be a reflection of that.

But here are some things I learned this past month:

– Do not buy too cheap
– Jergen’s Natural Glow moisturizer works!
– Sample sales are NOT da bomb
– Friends come and go, especially when you’re a 20-something. But the real ones buy you a hug mug when they say good-bye. The expendable ones are those who deliberately make you feel guilty.
– It is not enough to succeed and dress well.

So here’s to trying to navigate through the lovely but tumultuous 20s with some fun, a sense of purpose, and a nice pair of shoes.

Oh, and I returned that shirt below from Anthropologie. Decided it wasn’t that cute afterall.

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