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Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on July 1, 2009

I should be getting ready to go to sleep but, instead, I am drinking a diet coke and writing this entry. Felt like it was due time.

So. Office life has made me appreciative of small joys. M&Ms. Coffee breaks. My new Sleeping Beauty themed pen. Another is this:


My “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style” daily tear-away calendar.

This calendar is pretty special to me because last December, one of the very talented executive producers of “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style” held a holiday party and Tim passed out these calendars as favors. Not only does this little office joy bring a breath of fresh air to the daily grind, it’s actually pretty educational.  Below is a compilation of my favorite Tim-isms to date. The last two are on the list because they are relevant for the summer.

1. If a look works for you, for goodness’ sake, stick with it. Trends are interesting to read about but should never dictate the choices you make. Does Anna Wintour pay attention to all those hair and makeup articles Vogue runs?

2. When emulating a style you love, think of the spirit of the look rather than the pieces that comprise it. Balenciaga might be out of your reach, but the proportions and feeling of the look can be achieved on any budget.

3. Purchasing a bag should be approached like purchasing a pet. You must assess how much space you have, how much maintenance you can handle, and always be aware that a good bag will be with your for many, many years.

4. Thinking of boosting your summer highlights? Bring a color photo of yourself as a child to the colorist.

5. As it becomes warmer, rely on bronzer and lip gloss rather than attempt a full face of makeup.

I love Number One. I appreciate Tim because, to him, fashion is not about status and it is not frivolous. But there is one Tim-ism I disagree with, and that is:

6. Leggings are not pants. If you are wearing a pair, make sure that your top offers appropriate coverage.

I whole-heartedly agree with the latter part of the statement but I do think there has been a shift in the way leggings are worn. Whatever their original purpose was, they are now operating as pants and the trend has become so big, one can’t really deny that.  Sorority girls and fashion editors alike will likely say the same, especially considering the fact Sienna Miller also wore leggings as pants in the latest issue of Vogue. A tricky form, yes, but I believe that if worn well, they can be a very flattering bottom. I have seen it and I practice it, thank you very much.

Getting late. Off to sleep.


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