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Coach – Janie Boot

Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Winter 2009 by Virginia on January 11, 2010

Last night I was in the city wearing my Delman flats, which was not the smartest move considering these arctic temperatures, but I was out for birthday festivities and there was no way I was going to be found in anything clunky. Anyway, my “form over function” mentality left my toes feeling like they were going to fall off from frostbite, so I naturally wished for the UGGs from my college years. But, seriously, how unattractive are they, right? The Cut featured fashionable UGG alternatives (post here), which was very helpful, but I also just found the Janie Boot from Coach on

Shearling lined, they will be warm as UGGs but thanks to the shaping, the gold exterior and the lace-ups, they are much cuter. Plus, they are (gasp) cheaper at $138 – versus UGGs, which are $180. Find the Janie boot on Coach here.

Kudos to Coach because I usually am not a fan. Sigh, Spring cannot come soon enough.


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