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Personalize your fragrance with Aromachology at Henri Bendel

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on March 29, 2010

In this day and age, you can customize and personalize everything. Now you can do this with your perfume with Aromachology. Founders, Ashlee Firstein and Kirsten Menkes, created the line to fill the void between fragrance and personal connections. Found exclusively at Henri Bendel, Aromachology allows women to blend different notes to create an entirely unique fragrance.

Aromachology offers a “Scent Profiler” which determines your fragrance personaility.  This is your “base note.” There are five base notes: Sophistocated & Sensual Floral, Totally Edible Gourmand, Exotic & Spicy, Clean & Fresh, Bold & Brisk Woodsy.

After you find your basic note, you can blend it with three “top notes.” This is where Aromachology goes beyond simply smelling nice. Aromachology top notes are essential oil blends that have been scientifically proven to inspire different attributes. Examples of attributes are confident, optimistic, and sensual. There are a total of fifteen top notes.

My scent story:

When I walked into Henri Bendel someone greeted me with champagne and the Aromachology Scent Profiler. I took the brief quiz and found that my fragrance personality is “sophisticated and sensual floral.” Funny thing was Ashlee Firstein, just after a few sentences exchanged, said “You’re floral.” I usually don’t like being labeled but she got me – She really is good at her craft!

Ashlee convinced me that scent affects behavior so I chose my top notes more for the attributes I like than the actual scent of the top notes. They all smell divine so you can’t really go wrong. My top notes are: creative, courageous and peaceful.

Ashlee said, “It is very  personal and you can own it yourself…we wanted to make it unintimidating, fun and very interactive.” And it was exactly that. I had a lot of fun and highly encourage all of you in NYC to visit Henri Bendel and create your own scent story.

Learn more and take the “Scent Profiler” quiz on Follow them on Twitter @Aromachology.


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