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Wordless Wednesday (not really)

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on April 1, 2010

Tweeted yesterday about how much I adore this shirt but decided that I love it so much that I  had to dedicate an entire post to it. It is a gorgeous, billowy top with a KILLER tiger motif – made from a Parisian designer named Calla. I love the sheer material, the colors, the print, the way it falls a little longer in the back. It’s beautiful, creative and smart.

So much for “Wordless Wednesday” – I promise wordlessness was the intention but when I saw the shirt again, I had the unstoppable urge to rave. Tis the nature of a fashion lover, I guess. This top literally makes me a little short of breath. You must see it in person.

Where can you see it in person? A boutique a little east of SoHo called Debut NY. I love department stores but if you want something truly one-of-a-kind, go to shops like Debut.

This is a little teaser of a feature I’m doing for another site I write for: an insider’s guide to NYC shopping. I’m not talking about department stores or major chains — I’m talking about the little shops, the charming boutiques the masses do not know about. My interviews are finished. I have all the photos. Just need to write them up. Coming up very soon, kids!


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