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FEED Guatemala Bags at Lord & Taylor

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on May 11, 2010

I need purpose behind everything I do, including fashion blogging. It is not enough for me to just say an outfit is gorgeous and a pair of Louboutins is to die for. Of  course there will be content like that (as if I don’t think Louboutins aren’t to die for, psh), but everything needs to be tied to an element of helping others. So I love initiatives like the FEED Guatemala bags.

I attended a preview of the new FEED Guatemala bags that are to be sold exclusively at Lord & Taylor. For every “FEED 1 Guatemala” pouch and “FEED 3 Guatemala” bag sold at Lord & Taylor stores in the U.S. and online, FEED will donate $3.50 or $10.50 respectively to support UNICEF’s nutrition programs in Guatemala.

According to UNICEF, “Guatemala has one of the worst nutritional conditions in the region.  Nearly 23% of children over three months and under five years of age suffered from general malnutrition, while almost one-half suffered from chronic malnutrition in 2006.”

Spearheading this initiative is Lauren Bush, CEO, Creative Director and co-Founder of FEED Projects LLC. Bush and Ellen Gustafson, co-Founder and Executive Vice President of FEED, have designed the chic and vibrant bags. The bags are perfect for a cool summertime look, but the best part is truly helping malnourished children in Guatemala get proper nutrition. So not only will you be rocking idyllic-chic, you will be making a great statement and helping out a worthy cause. Who says fashion isn’t efficient?

The bags are available exclusively at Lord & Taylor in-store and online. To purchase and learn more, visit

Full disclosure: I have received a FEED Guatemala tote and pouch at the event. But the thoughts expressed in this entry are entirely my own.

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