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Fashion for Charity Week: Fashion Delivers

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on June 28, 2010

This week on The Lovely 20’s is Fashion for Charity Week. Everyday this week, I will highlight an event/organization/initiative where fashion and charity converge. There have been several amazing initiatives already: Fashion for Haiti, the Teen Vogue L.e.i Model Citizen contest, the FEED Guatamala bags at Lord & Taylor, just to name a few.

I am doing this because everything I do needs to have a purpose. Purpose for me is defined by helping people who cannot help themselves. This includes fashion blogging. Of course I love covering fashion and beauty stories/events but another goal of The Lovely 20’s is to inspire the fashion online community to use their talents to help great causes.

The first organization I want to highlight is Fashion Delivers.

Fashion Delivers, an organization that believes that “giving is always in fashion,” rallies the fashion community to help those affected by natural disasters through donations. Their donations provide both relief and dignity to those who have lost everything. Since 2005, they have distributed over $55 million in product donations – insane!

How Fashion Delivers works:

They gather excess product from wholesale and retail fashion industry vendors – vendors include major fashion movers and shakers. They  have also created a global network of 1000+ local agencies who they work with to donate and deliver these donations.

This system is multi-purposed: It not only provides aid to those in dire and immediate need, it also gives an economical and philanthropic alternative for companies in dealing with excess inventory.

Their Impact

Fashion Delivers has provided $4.5 million worth of product directly to victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Today, they are aggressively collecting donations for Haiti. It is nice to see that while Haiti seems have fallen off the radar of many people, Fashion Delivers still recognizes the country’s need. They are asking for lightweight clothing (in all sizes) for men and women, such as t-shirts, tops, shirts, jeans, shorts, slacks, sportswear, active wear, etc. Basic items such as underwear, socks, sheets and throws or lightweight blankets as well as baseball caps, sneakers, sandals and sleepwear are also needed.

If you or  your company want to help out, contact Fashion Delivers at 646-786-2680 or email

Learn more about Fashion Delivers on their website here. For Haiti-specific details, click here. And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @fashdelivers!

Stay tuned for more Fashion for Charity Week goodness tomorrow.


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