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Fashion for Charity Week: Women in Need

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on July 2, 2010

Rounding out Fashion for Charity Week on The Lovely 20’s is Women in Need, a wonderful organization that provides housing, help and hope to homeless and disadvantaged NYC women and their families.

The programs WIN provides to help these women are amazing and comprehensive. They include shelter, supportive permanent housing, job training, domestic violence services, alcohol and substance abuse treatment and childcare.

WIN’s goal is to provide women the tools and guidance to live independently in their communities. Now, I just want to emphasize how important that is. I have worked with the homeless before and it was glaringly clear that it is not enough for organizations to simply provide food – they also need to teach people how to fish. WIN is doing just that and their impact is impressive. In 2009 alone, they served more than 10,000 women and children.

Now, what does fashion have to do with all of this? The fashion and beauty community has actually played a major part in the success and awareness of WIN. WIN knows how to get particularly the fashion online community involved. WIN has a dedicated blogger ambassador, who is none other than beauty & lifestyle blogger, Jeannine Morris. You all know her as the founder of Jeannine attends WIN board meetings every month to offer her insight on ways to get bloggers involved in WIN events. Jeannine also tweets on behalf of the organization at @Jeannine_WIN.

I was able to catch up with Jeannine to learn more about her involvement with WIN and the fashion community’s key role in its success. Read my Q&A with her below!

Why is WIN special to you? How did you get involved with the organization?

I got involved with the organization because one of my friends and mentors, Karen Robinovitz, is on the board and she pulled me in to help with the social aspects.  WIN is special to me because it affects those living within NYC, which is my hometown.

What role has the fashion community played in advancing WIN’s cause?

Many members of the WIN board are part of the fashion community in NYC and WIN has very strong relationships with many designers and retail outlets.

What more can the fashion community do to support WIN? Especially the fashion online community?

I think the online fashion community can be a huge support to WIN in helping to spread the word about the charity and their events virally.

Why do you think it is important for fashion to get behind charitable organizations and causes?

Fashion designers and retail outlets in NYC have been huge supporters of WIN and having these powerful influencers behind the charity help to build awareness of the great ways WIN is trying to raise money and help homeless women and their families in NYC.

To learn more about how you can get involved with WIN, visit their site on Follow @Jeannine_WIN on Twitter and “like” their Facebook page here.

Thanks for joining me for Fashion for Charity Week. Again, I love when fashion, beauty and charity converge so I will continue to cover more stories like WIN going forward! Even if not for The Lovely 20’s, I hope that more fashion and beauty bloggers will use our talents to support good causes and alleviate some of the dire needs that are in our world. Poverty/sickness/hunger doesn’t wait!


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