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Shaping Fashion at Google

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on July 13, 2010

When you hear “Google,” you think search engine powerhouse, email lifeblood, blogspot, maybe maps. But not necessarily fashion…yet. The online behemoth is actually very interested in fashion and is taking significant strides in promoting it at Google.

To better achieve this, Google is launching a program called GStyle through which Google is looking to improve their ties with fashion bloggers and the industry at large. Bloggers will provide their insights and have the opportunity to play an integral part in shaping fashion & technology at Google.  That is about all I can share about this initiative – but it sounds exciting, yes?

To my fashion blogging lovelies: If you’re interested in GStyle, reach out to Tony Wang, who is spearheading the program. A little background on Tony: He is a Googler, Youtuber and fellow fashion blogger at post.fashionism. To participate, follow Tony @thetonywang and @reply him indicating your interest.

x Virginia


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