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Andy & Debb S/S 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on October 9, 2010

There has been a strong push for minimalism on the runways for the S/S 2011 season, and Andy & Debb’s collection could not fit in better with the movement. The Korean design couple created sleek pieces with clean lines, distinct shapes and charming details.

Much of the detailing were inspired by home decor, which translated very well onto the clothing – “picture frame” jacket, “latticework” sheath and a “chandelier” blouse.

Ivory organza and satin sheath with black satin bias “Latticework” overlay

Cream silk georgette drop shoulder “Chandelier” blouse paired with black crepe structured side pocket skirt

Black silk and wool zibeline “Picture Frame”  jacket with matching skirt

Silk crepe “Decalcomania” open back sheath. If you have never heard of decalcomania, think back to art class when you put paint on a piece of paper and you folded it in half to create a cool, amorphous but symmetrical shape that you could either press onto another piece of paper or T-shirt. That technique is an example of decalcomania.

Visit to see more from the design duo.

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