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Fashion for Charity: TOMS and charity: water

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on October 19, 2010

TOMS and charity: water has partnered once again to create a limited edition shoe to fund three water projects in Ethiopia. The shoe features a simple map of Africa on a midnight blue canvas (image below).

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The two organizations first partnered this past Spring and released two limited-edition water shoes, which sold out within just weeks! Funds from sales served 540 people in Sekura Village, Ethopia with just one well. The latest water shoe will serve many more with three wells this time. Perhaps the coolest part is people who buy the TOMS and charity: water shoe will get coordinates on a Google map that show exactly where in Ethiopia these wells are being built.

How many people in Ethiopia (and many other countries, in fact) obtain water:

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In the U.S. we very  much take clean water for granted. I visited Tanzania this past June and for the two weeks I was there, my entire team and I were perpetually dehydrated and thirsty because water was scarce and we had to ration – and we were near a well! I also witnessed firsthand locals walking and biking miles to fetch water – and, sometimes, the water isn’t not even clean. Purchasing these shoes will help mitigate that problem for three communities in Ethiopia by building wells like this:

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And don’t forget TOMS’ One for One philosophy! With every purchase, Toms will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. Now, that is a fashionable way of doing onto your neighbor as you would yourself.  As charity: water founder, Scott Harrison, aptly put it,  “You’ll be bringing clean water to people who don’t have it, and you’ll be bringing shoes to kids in need.”

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Purchase the limited-edition water shoe on Learn more about the partnership on


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