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Fragments welcomes 22 year-old fine jeweler Katie Decker

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on October 25, 2010

Fragments, one of my favorite jewelry destinations, has welcomed 22 year-old Katie Decker to its roster of amazing fine jewelers. Having no formal training or creative background (she studied finance in college), Katie’s success is due to simple raw talent.

Katie got her start from doodling pictures of jewelry – yes, doodling. These casual drawings caught the eye of Judith Bufkin, owner of Judith Ann Jewels, a fine jewelry boutique in Houston where Katie was working during college. Judith said to Katie, “We need to make some of this. Make it come to life.” Katie’s mother, a passionate jewelry collector, offered Katie one of her black Tahitian pearls for which Katie created an ivy-like cap. That became the first piece of jewelry brought to life from Katie’s doodles.

From that  humble beginning just two years ago, Katie’s work has blossomed into a collection of over 70 amazing pieces. She offers jewelry primarily made of gold that are encrusted in micro pave diamonds and adorned with pearls. Much of her pieces are detachable and stackable, allowing for multiple looks. Learn more about this talented young designer in the Q&A below.

Learn more from my Q&A with this talented and down-to-earth designer below.

Describe how you got your start as a jewelry designer.

I was working at a jewelry store, Judith Ann Jewels, in Houston…I had been doodling different jewelry designs so they said that I should actually make something. My mom said “I have this pearl and I really need a cap for it.” I had the connections with the store to get something made in Houston. That was the first that came out. I thought ivy would give a cool, organic feel to the pearl. I just loved the ivy and branched out to the hoops and necklace.

Has your interest always been due to your mother?

Yes, definitely. She has always been into collecting jewelry and I spent lots of time with her.

Are any of your pieces inspired by her or dedicated to her?

Definitely the fact that I make fine jewelry is influenced by her. She always said that she would rather buy fine jewelry than than buy an expensive handbag or shoes. She has always been wanting jewelry for every occasion and nothing else. That is where I got my love for fine jewelry from.

Describe your aesthetic as a designer.

I just naturally like to draw lacy, intricate designs that have a lot of interest from every angle…It is classic jewelry with a more modern take on it – not necessarily your traditional jewelry. And I try to keep it feminine, light and airy.

Where do you see the evolution of your  jewelry design going?

Right now, it’s a lot of micro-pave gold so I’m trying to go towards more color, more stones. I have more pieces coming that are black onyx with the ivy wrapped around it so it’s not just capped. I’m going towards more overlay.

Why did you choose finance as your major in college?

I went to Texas A&M in Houston. I wanted to have a business degree and picked finance as my route. It helps with the business. I do my own accounting and run all the numbers. I’ve learned way more in the little time I’ve had this business than any I have ever did with any teaching [from school].

Are you surprised by the success you’ve gained so far?

Yes. Everything has come pretty fast…I know I’m so young so I’m really excited that it’s been going so well. I hope it continues!

Is there a celebrity who embodies your jewelry?

I love Amanda Seyfried. She’s an ultra feminine girl so she would be perfect.

So you would describe your jewelry as very feminine?

Yes, but even someone edgy can wear this jewelry. You can wear it in two different ways. I wear it with a cocktail dress or I wear it with my leather jacket.

That was my next question! How do you style your jewelry?

I like to go very elegant or very modern. I like to take all the chains, pendants and charms and layer everything.

What is one piece of jewelry every woman should have?

I always say everyone should have a pair of the ivy hoops because everyone needs a hoop…The ivy hoop is a spin on a classic.

Now  some “getting to know Katie” quick fires:

Dress or jeans? Jeans

Wide legged or skinny? Both

Heels or flats? Heels

Wedges or stilettos? Wedges

How do you wind down? Eating and watching TV

Favorite TV shows? Desperate Housewives & Gossip Girl.

Go-to sites/blogs/magazines? Marie Claire. Town & Country.

Favorite brands/designers? Helmut Lang

To shop Katie Decker and see more from her collection, visit


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