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Piazza Sempione Brings Italy to Manhattan

Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on November 5, 2010

Piazza Sempione has brought from Italy to New York a gorgeous S/S 2011 collection that could not be more perfect for the modern fashion lover. Piazza Sempione held an intimate preview where bloggers were able to play stylist with pieces from the line. While the bloggers were having some creative fun, Piazza Sempione used this as an opportunity to learn about the New York aesthetic and perspective. It was a brilliant time for both parties.

Now my look. I went for something that is timeless but also with a cool, modern vibe. I also have a big love for long skirts right now because they are so refreshing after the too-long reign of the micro-mini. Hope you like:

Now, the collection had mostly menswear-inspired looks that offered immense sex appeal thanks to its carefully studied cuts and impeccable tailoring.  The pieces are made with delicious textures, beautiful fabrics and designs with an easy-going cool. What struck me in particular about the clothing was how effortless it all was – perfect for New York.

The collection had a muted richness with cool shades of caramel, milk, blush, greige, navy and chocolate. There were pops of color as well, like lime and mango, which worked seamlessly with the rest of the collection – no obnoxious deviations.

If Piazza Sempione wanted a collection that would appeal to both Europeans and New Yorkers, they got it.

To learn more about Piazza Sempione, visit the site here. Follow them on Twitter @PiazzaSempione.


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