The Lovely 20's

About The Lovely 20’s

Welcome to The Lovely 20’s! This blog serves to chronicle the  NYC 20-something lifestyle in all its fashionable, fun and tumultuous glory. A few things about yours truly:

– Working in digital marketing by day. Fashion blogging by night. My plate is insanely full, but I love every second.

– Things that my heart beats for: Disney princess everything, wine, my dual-tone Ferragamo pumps, larger-than-life leather bags, C.S. Lewis books, nerd herds, and boys who sing like James Morrison.

– I strongly believe in: Being kind to others, independent thinking, and manicures.

– Other details: Prior to marketing, I worked in media production and was the assistant to Tim Gunn on a makeover show. I graduated from Cornell University where I double majored in communications and development sociology.

Beyond sharing my love for fashion, I do have a larger goal for The Lovely 20’s and that is to motivate the online fashion community to use their talents to support charity & social justice work. So if you hear of, or are involved in, initiatives where fashion and charity converge, please drop me a line!


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  1. […] Lauren Pink Posted in Uncategorized by Virginia on September 28, 2010 I stated in my About section that I have a larger goal for my blogging and writing, and that is to use these outlets to support […]

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